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Make Time After School Programs

We are excited to introduce our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) After School Programs for ages 7-14.  Each day of the week we provide an immersive, age appropriate experience centered on a particular theme.  Students will discover new concepts through hands on learning experiences.  Each week includes a variety of robotics, engineering, nature, and craft activities with finished projects for kids to bring home!



At Make Time, you don’t just learn science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. You make it. You create it. You build it.  Our after school programs run in monthly (4 week) sessions and cover a variety of themes.


 Video Game Design  Monday 4-6pm $60/mo
 Arduino, Electronics and Programming  Tuesday 3-6 pm $80/mo
 Introduction to 3D Printing Wednesday 4-6 pm $60/mo
  Battle Bots Thursday 3-6 pm $80/mo
 Maker Mash-up Friday 1-5 pm $120/mo
ALL 5 DAYS (savings of $75/mo) $325/mo

September Sessions

***Each Make Time After School session includes free pick up from the Eldorado Community School.***

Video Game Design

Monday 4pm - 6pm

Designing your own video game goes far beyond just learning to program. In this after-school program we’ll explore techniques for developing your own game and then apply those ideas to software that can make that game into a reality. Experience with programming is not necessary, but good typing skills are a big help. We use open-source programs so that students can continue to work on their ideas/projects at home after the conclusion of this class.

Arduino, Electronics & Programming

Tuesday 3-6pm

Often when we talk about programming it’s in the context of apps and games. In this after-school program we’ll explore some of the physical engineering that can be paired with programming to produce automated machines and robots. This course is a great introduction to pairing electronics with basic programming skills to bring projects to life. Pairing this knowledge with 3D printing leads to a whole new world of possibilities for class presentations and science fair projects.

Introduction to 3D Printing

Wednesday 4-6pm

3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies and even a “basic” understanding of the process is a benefit to any student. It is also a fantastic hobby for the kid (or adult) who enjoys tinkering and creating their own contraptions. Access to a 3D printer allows children to create anything they can imagine. In this course we create a variety of projects and learn the process to forming them with a 3D printer. Completion of this course makes a student eligible to come and use the 3D printers at Make Time, opening great new possibilities for the science fair as well as classroom projects/presentations.


Battle Bots

Thursday 3-6pm

One of the most exciting areas of robotics is “battlebots.” In this course we’ll create a variety of robots and use them to compete with one another in challenges. We will explore commonly used engineering principles as well as some of the basic electronic elements that are involved in the design of a battle bot. This is the perfect class for the student who enjoys tinkering and building things.

Maker Mash-Up

Friday 1-5pm

Friday at Make Time is a mixture of Art, Science, Engineering and Games/Competitions. These afternoons are a mini version of our Summer Camps. Students will play games and create take home projects that range from electronics to t-shirt designs.

Every Day Package (5 Days)

Monday - Friday

For the kid who just can't get enough of Make Time we offer this five-day-a-week package. Your child will join us for all of the adventures we offer in our after school program with a $75 discount thrown in. Pick up from Eldorado Community School is included. 

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