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Make Time Summer Workshops

This summer we are excited to introduce our new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Summer Workshops for ages 7-14.  Make Time will provide for an immersive week long set of age appropriate activities developed around a particular theme.  Kids will experience these concepts using fun games, technology and art to get hands on learning experiences.  Each week will include a variety of robotics, mad science, nature, and craft components with finished projects for kids to bring home!



At Make Time, you don’t just learn science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. You make it. You create it. You build it.  Week long workshops run May 29th - August 11th.


  • Full Week Regular Hours 9am-3pm: EARLY BIRD $200 if registered by May 1st (after May 1st $225 per week)
  • Before Care (7:45am-9am): $30 per week or $8 per day drop-in
  • After Care (3 pm-5:00pm): $50 per week or $12 per day drop-in

Summer Sessions

Each Make Time summer sessions includes projects and activities loosely related to a weekly theme. In addition to these special themes, each week also includes:

  • a robotics activity
  • a project that involves planting something that will grow
  • a craft project that will be taken home
  • a “mad science” take-home project

Projects in these areas will change week to week, so students who attend multiple weeks won’t repeat the same activities.

Heroes and Heroines

May 29th - June 2nd

Step into a world of fantastical science, myth and mayhem. Join us for a week of exploring the comic book and cartoon universe. Heroes and villains will face challenges, play games and put their minds to the test. This week will have you designing cartoon creations, experimenting with stop-motion animation, and dabbling in mad science.

Movie Madness

June 5th - June 9th

Are you a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars or another blockbuster? This week at Make Time we dive into Hollywood, celebrating your favorite movies. We’ll practice casting our hands (for the Hollywood walk of fame), create props, dabble in movie making (and video editing), as well as many other silver screen themed activities. It’ll be a week of wonder and imagine-eering.

Solar Science

June 12th-16th

At Make Time we are in love with the sun - and Summer is the season for Solar Science! We’ll spend the week exploring how to harness the power of the sun’s rays to cook food (and drinks), run electronics without batteries, and even make solar art! From solar racers to solar ovens, this week will be packed with fun in the sun. Students will take home an understanding of how solar power works, as well as some awesome new solar gear.

Carnival (and Arcades)

June 19th - 23rd

This week at Make Time we’ll explore the exciting, wacky world of Carnivals and Arcades. Come help us build our cardboard carnival by designing and constructing your own game. Explore simple machines and mechanisms made with household items to bring your creations to life. We’ll toss in a dash of electronics to give it some extra flare. If you love building then this is the week for you!


June 26th - 30th

Calling all Lego lovers! Join us this week to show off your creativity and Master Builder skills. Come join the fun as we create an entire city made of Lego. This week will be a celebration of the brick as we create art, compete in lego building contests and even make some awesome motorized creations. With access to over a MILLION legos, there’s no idea too big for this week of brick building!

Outer Space

July 3rd-7th

There’s no adventure more exciting than exploring the “great unknown.” Outer Space week at Make Time is packed full of space-themed crafts, motorized Lego builds, games and activities. Students will learn about the science and technology behind space exploration, design what life on other planets might be like, and work through some of the challenges space travelers face. To top it all off we’ll make and launch a variety of rockets using alternative (non-flammable) propulsion.


July 10th - 14th

Like people, Games come in all shapes and sizes. This week at Make Time we’ll delve into the wide, wonderful world of games. We especially love board games at Make Time, because they are the perfect blend of art and math. Student’s will get the opportunity to design and produce their own board games (including 3D printing their own pieces), create and compete in dexterity games (involving hand-eye coordination), and invent their own dice and games of chance. After this week, they’ll never look at Monopoly the same way.

Upcycled & Repurposed

July 17th - 21st

You may be wondering: “What exactly is Upcycling?” It’s a word often used to describe the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. Upcycle week at Make Time is all about fun fashion and finding new ways to use objects we no longer need. Students will learn the art of changing things by restoring, recycling and reusing items to make the old look new. Old shirts become new fashion with the help of the vinyl cutter and heat press. Old bottles become awesome robot armor. And old electronics give us everything we need to make fun animated robots. It’s all about applying imagination to keep useful things out of landfills.

Star Wars

July 24th - 28th

Are you prepared to embark on an adventure in a galaxy far, far away? This week is packed full of innovation and celebration in the Star Wars universe. Students will engage in activities like designing and building their own tie fighter, playing star wars themed games (as the Rebels or Empire), and building a lego droid then programing it to survive Jabba’s maze of doom. For the fan who enjoys art projects we’ll be making masks and helmets based on our favorite Star Wars characters. Join us for a week of X-wing and Tie fighter adventures sure to please any Star Wars fan!

Oceans & Aquaculture

July 31st - August 4th

Living in the desert it’s easy to forget that two-thirds of the planet we live on is water. It’s too far to bring students to the ocean, so Make Time will bring the ocean to them. Join us for a week of fun exploring marine science and aquaculture. We’ll bring aquatic investigations to life with activities centered on creatures from the deep. Students gain an understanding of the wonderful relationship between caring for fish and growing plants through hands-on aquaponics projects. We’ll explore how research is done in an aquatic environment by designing, building and testing mini ROVs (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles). It’s a full week of wet, wild, watery activities.

Time Travel (Dr Who!)

August 7th - 11th (1983)

We wrap up the summer at Make Time with a Time Travel adventure! Everything is possible, from Medieval Knights to Futuristic Robots to Prehistoric Dinosaurs. We’ll make projects that span the centuries as we celebrate the fantastic world of the Doctor (Dr. Who). Each day will feature team and individual activities that explore different time periods throughout history. Students will create robots that draw, experiment with the discovery of electricity, hatch their own prehistoric animals and many other hands-on projects. End the summer with another great adventure at Make Time!

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