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After School

Make Time offers a variety of engaging hands-on activities that allow your child to become familiar and comfortable with technology. The “Make Time Van” picks up from Eldorado School each day of the week and our education space is conveniently located at La Tienda Shopping Center at the main entrance to Eldorado. You can sign your student up for anything from one day a week to every day of the week.

Below you will find information on our current offerings.

Kids Playing Board Games at Make Time
Game Design | Mondays 4-6pm

In the past decade the world of Board Games (and Card Games) has exploded. As a result some very clear categories of game “types” have emerged. In this program students will look at the mechanics of different “game types” and then design and build their own games. Combining art skills and the 3D printers they will create custom parts and playing surfaces for the games they design. At the end of the class they will bring home their creations.


Battle Bots (Hacklab) | Tuesdays 3-6pm

This month Wednesday are all about battling. Each day students will design and build different types of robots then test their designs with various competitions. We’ll explore everything from Lego Robotics Kits (like EV3 and Boost) to home-made systems created from recycled electronics parts. Of course we’ll toss in prizes like Pokemon, Magic and Star Wars Destiny Booster packs. If you like to tinker this is the class for you.


Experimental Art| Wednesdays 4-6pm

As adults it’s easy to forget how fluid our thoughts were as children. In this class we’ll ‘throw out’ the rulebook on what “ART” is and explore the pure fun of expression. Each day we’ll try out new ways of using non-traditional materials to create paintings, drawings and even sculpture. Materials may include electronic components, organic materials or even traditional mediums used in a new way. Join us for some unbridled art fun.


Ceramic Pottery & Sculpture | Thursdays 3-6pm

Make Time has opened a brand new ceramic studio at La Tienda called “The Clay Studio.” In this class students will explore the basics of creating art (and functional pieces) in clay. We’ll cover the basics of throwing on the pottery wheel, using extruders and how the slab rolling table works. This class will continue through the following months for student who want to continue to develop their skills in areas like glazing, surface design and larger scale projects. **10 student limit is strictly enforced in this class due to space and equipment limitations.**


Maker Mash-Up “Masks” | Fridays 1-5pm

Maker Mash-up is the  “Make Time Sampler Platter” of our after-school program. Friday at Make Time is a mixture of Art, Science, Engineering and Games. This month we’ll be focusing on the “creepy cute” world of marionettes as students design and build their own puppets. In addition we’ll set aside computer lab time for those who enjoy programming, minecraft, 3D design or other computer based activities.


Full Week | Monday - Friday

Are you looking for an After School Program that offers more than just babysitting? We will pick your child up from school and deliver them to mentally stimulating, educational programs every day of the week. All of that, for less than common after school programs offered by our local schools.

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