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Make Time offers a variety of Home School Classes and Events. Classes break down into 4 weeks sessions which we try to match to calendar months. Below you'll find information about current and upcoming classes and events for home school students and groups.


Home School Hack Lab "Arduino" - April 2018

What exactly is a "Hack Lab?"

A Hacklab is an event or class where students take apart broken (or unwanted) machines, identify parts they salvage and create new machines using them.  At Make Time, with the aid of Mr. Boses students will explore circuits and the potential that is hidden in the parts they harvest.

This month we’re going to continue to focus on how electronics work by creating projects using Arduino. Arduino is a microprocessor that essentially allows us to attach a “brain” to our components. This gives us the opportunity to use sensors (or switches) to control motors (lights, etc) without having to physically touch the circuit. Arduino is an inexpensive way to start experimenting with computer controlled electronics (and a bit of programming). This class will cover some basic projects, however students can continue to use the Arduino in the future to create projects (adding another tool to their inventory of skills).


Kids Ceramics - Pottery Wheel & Handbuilding

Monday 10-12pm | Current Class: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23

This class geared for children/teens will be taught in 4 week sessions and will cover throwing on the wheel as well as hand building techniques. The Clay Studio is equipped with pottery wheels, a slab rolling table, a 6” and 4” wall mounted extruder and various clay hand tools. Class includes instruction from Simon Boses and two firings. Clay can be purchased for $15 per 25 lb bag. Call or drop by Make Time for a tour of the new studio.


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