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What is Make Time?

Make Time is the result of six years of dreaming, developing and researching Maker Spaces. Simon and Sarah Boses found the Maker movement inspiring, but noticed a lack of support for kids/teens in the Maker Spaces that were popping up all over the US. Make Time was born of the idea that a space could be geared towards both kids and adults. It’s purpose is to provide a location for the community to gather, share knowledge and skills while exploring the world of the Maker Movement. Make Time embraces the notion that each generation has contributions to make to the others. These contributions are easily shared in a relaxed creative atmosphere. From our classes, to our open space “drop-in” times, Make Time offers engaging hands-on adventure for everyone. For more information on what Make Time is currently offering use the “Kids”, “Teens” and “Adults” links at the top of the page.

Make Time is a place for the community to explore technology without making expensive investments. We provide tools and space, you make time to come enjoy them."

Simon Boses

Founder of Make Time


Simon Boses

With 16+ years developing robotics, technology and visual arts programming for children and teens it was inevitable that Simon Boses would open a space like Make Time.  Over those years he’s created engaging, “outside-the-box” experience-based educational activities for the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Jewish Federation and many private K-8 education institutions. Simon spent 6 years developing a 4th-8th grade hands-on technology program for a private Montessori school. While developing the program he also taught 4-5 grade science.


Simon has spent nearly every summer of his life involved in running summer camps. His experience ranges from simple counselor, to teacher, to director of a camp that hosted 200 kids each week. His excitement for the subject of Summer Camp and program development is clearly evident not only in the robust offerings of Make Time’s summer sessions, but also if you happen to accidentally wander into the subject with him during a conversation.

As a former teacher for Leisure Learning in Houston Tx, Simon has experience bringing technology and hands-on projects to an adult population. An eager participant in the DIY revolution, he can often be found in his garage (or Make Time) tinkering with electronics like the raspberry pi or arduino based projects.  These skills form the foundation for some of the adult workshops and classes at Make Time.
If you have any questions for Simon he can be reached at:

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